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What is the correct order of installation of sql to create a perfect DB?

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Hello everyone .

Whenever I create my database, just getting a little mistake in installation or something leaving unused. I'm going to name the components of installation of the DB , and I need you to teach me the correct order of installation . ( Someone who knows how to use Mangosr2 )

I I have :

in mangoes
- create_mysql
- handles
- characters
- realmd
- mangos_indexes
- mangos_spell_check
- The updates folder
- The folder sql_mr

in ScriptDev2
- scriptdev2_create_database
- scriptdev2_create_structure_mysql
- scriptdev2_scriptfull
- mangos_scriptname_full
- mangos_scriptname_clear
- The updates folder
- The folder sql_mr

In YTD R64
- The YTD R640 base.sql
- 641_corepatch_mangos_12539
- 641_updatepack_mangos_12539
- 642_corepatch_characters_12569
- 642_corepatch_mangos_12569
- 642_updatepack_mangos_12569

.... And ACID

Now I need someone to tell me in what order I install the sql , because I tried to install the same way as to in Cmangos but Mangosr2 never get it right.

If someone has a question , they tell me.

Greetings .

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or read this script for true algorythm.

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